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I speak and can conduct tours in English, German, Kurdish and Turkish. I spent time living in the United States and Germany to improve my language skills. While staying in these countries, I learned a lot about their cultures and had many great experiences. As a guide, I have visited many of the cities and historical places of Turkey and have personally travelled to different countries, mainly in Europe.

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    As a licensed guide,
    I am always glad to share my experiences and knowledge with my customers.
    I will make your visit memorable!

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    Licensed under the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism.
    Tourism Guide Department of Selcuk University
    & German Literature at Cukurova University.


    I have provided guiding services to the President of Croatia, and Vietnam, the Prime Minister of Singapore, Greek ambassadors, Sheiks from Dubai, UAE and Cardinals visiting from the Vatican.
    Guide a Tour with Prime Minister of Singapore...

I'm Zeki Ciftci

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require the services and knowledge of a local and licensed guide. Please inform me of when you are planning to travel, how many people will be in your group, the number of days you need guiding services for and which languages you prefer to be guided in. If you require other services such as hotel accommodation, transport, city tour arrangements or pricing information, I can help you as well.

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Private Hagia Sophia Tour

Constructed by East Roman Empire and was the biggest church in Constantinople. They constructed this amazing and biggest Cathedral between February 532 - December 537 on Emperor Justinian's order. Hagia Sophia is the most important place to visit.

Dinner Cruise at Night

You will see beautiful city Istanbul in the evening and have perfect Turkish Night Show as well. While you have dinner, you will be entertained by the Ottoman Lovers’ Proud Swashbucklers, The Bride Henna Ceremony, Romany Girls and Belly Dancer.

Cappadocia Tours

Cappadocia Tour

It is a region of exceptional natural wonders, characterized by fairy chimneys and a unique historical and cultural heritage, which covers the provinces of Aksaray, Nevşehir, Niğde, Kayseri and Kirşehir in the Central Anatolian region.

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Hagia Sophia
Blue Mosque
Underground Cistern
Maiden Tower

Istanbul Restaurants

Food / Istanbul / TURKEY

Bosphorus Bridge

Bosphorus Bridge / Istanbul / TURKEY

Hagia Sophia

Sultanahmet / Istanbul / TURKEY

Maiden Tower

Maiden Tower / Istanbul / TURKEY

Like what you see? Let's walk along this beauty together.


istanbul tour

Asian Side Tour

You will visit Camlica Hill to see perfcet view and look at European side of Istanbul city. During our tour, you will visit Beylerbeyi Palace, Sakirin Mosque and Üsküdar district.

Istanbul Night Tours

Istanbul Night Tour

If you have time, you must do it. You will discover Istanbul at night. Istanbul looks nicer with light show over bridges.


Byzantine Tour

You will visit Byzantine monuments in old town. During this tour, you will see Hagia Sophia, Hippodrom and Bassilica Cistern.

  • Sultanahmet

    Mosques Tour

    Istanbul has 2800 mosques, 200 churches ad 35 Synagogues. During this tour, you will discover only a few mosques in Istanbul and have knowledge about religion as well.

  • Topkapi Palace

    Topkapi Palace Tour

    The Palace comprises 700,000 square meters area and is located at the Historical Peninsula. Topkapi Palace was the administrative, educational and art center of the Ottoman Empire for 380 years.

  • Turkish Village Tour

    Turkish Village Tour

    There is a typical Turkish village where you taste Turkish food, drinks and organic fruits. According to your request, you can stay overnight or comeback to your hotel.

  • Prince Islands

    Prince Islands Tour

    You will pass four islands with their charming old Ottoman houses and finally reach Buyukada. After arrivıng to the island, you will see the Lavish Ottoman Mansions.

Istanbul Tour

Istanbul Tour

Istanbul is very big and attractive city to spend at least 3 days. You will find many places to visit and to do when you are here. If you are coming Turkey, you must see this city.


Pamukkale Tour

Pamukkale is not very far away from Istanbul. If you like, you can fly to this city in the morning and stay here for 1 day to see “Cotton Castle” and have experience of spring water.


Antalya Tour

Antalya is very close city to Pamukkale and perfcet location for a nice vacation. The city has very nice beaches and high quality hotels for relaxing 3 days.


Istanbul Private Yacht Tour

You will have a private yacht only for you and your family. You can see perfect view of istanbul from the yacht and listen to the story of the city from your professional guide.

Bosphorus Cruise

It is separating two continents; Asia, Europe and connects the Black Sea to the Sea of Marmara. If you come to Istanbul, you must see it.

Basilica Cistern Tour

Basilica Cistern supported a water filtration system for the Great Palace of Constantinople. It is 140 meters by 70 meters, about 9,800 square metres and has 100,000 cubic metres of water.

Daily Bursa Tour

Bursa is a large city in Turkey and known as Green Bursa becaause of varied forests of the surrounding region. There are many Ski Resorts on mount Uludağ. It is only 4 hours far away from Istanbul.

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