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Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Transportation in Istanbul

Istanbul city has an extensive public transport system which is continually being improved. However with so many residents, there is still lots of traffic congestions and problems. This is why people mostly prefer to use public transport and this also makes the public transportations crowded. But mainly only busy during morning and evening peak working hours (07-10:00 / 17:00-20:00).

It is perfect alternative to use public transportations in this big city. Istanbul city has metro, tramway, funicular system and bus to every district. Tokens for public transportation is only 2,15 Lira, if you buy city card (Istanbul Card). If you don`t have card, you need to buy a token for each connection which costs 4 Lira each ride.

You can buy city card from all metro and tramway stations. It is always better to buy city card and use it for all public transportations such as metro, tramway, funicular system and bus. If you stay more than 2 days, I suggest you to buy city card to save money. If staying for less than 2 days you can just buy tokens as you travel, as you won’t save a lot using a city card for this short time.

In Istanbul, the public transport runs every day between 06:00 and 24:00. I don`t recommend to use Taxis during busy hours. You will wait in the traffic for a long time!